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Top 10 Signs You Should Quit Out Of InDesign And Call It A Day (Or Night)

Even a bad day of working in InDesign is pretty good to some of us geeks. Still, you have to know when to say “enough is enough.” Here are some signs it’s time to step away from the computer.

From the Home Office in Fremont
10. You just exported a file called AAAAAAARGH.pdf
9. You had to confirm saving over an older AAAAAAARGH.pdf on your desktop.
8. You just tried to use a Quark keyboard shortcut that hasn’t worked since the first Clinton administration.
7. You just had a knock-down drag-out fight with your significant other over hyphenation zones.
6. You just kissed your dog because you were finally able to delete an undeletable swatch.
5. You just said in your best Princess Leia voice, “Help me Layout Adjustment, you’re my only hope.”
4. You just spent half an hour trying to choose between Mocha and Ochre for your User color.
3. You just said to the plant on your desk, “What are YOU looking at?”
2. You just sent a co-worker a dirty joke. In GREP.
1. Command+click…nope…shift+click…nope…opt+click…nope…

I hear you Mike.
Danes je indesign ugasnjen in tudi bo ugasnjen.
Samo se od racunalnika se moram odlepit.

In bo vse ok.

Za nekaj casa.
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